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Hawker Sign

Hawker Sign / A Frame Sign

 Shipping weight 2 Pcs.= 32 Lbs.

 Hollow Body for added ballast

 Strong Double walled construction

 Optional Side paper holder available

 Molded in handle

 Molded in hinge and stop

 Footprint 23" x 24"

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StreetSmart Hawker Signs are made from Polyethylene making them very strong and durable, they will never rust or corrode.  The Hawker Sign was designed to hold water to weight the sign down on windy days.  With a double sided design hinged in the middle it's easily folded up and can be transported.  Hawker Signs can be customized with your logo or corporate branding.



18" x 12"

StreetSmart Hawker Signs / A Frames by Go Plastics


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