The Ultimate Composter / Digester for turning household waste into nutrient rich dirt.

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Digester composting System

The digester harnesses energy from the sun.  This heat activates microbes from the earth to rapidly recycle the waste into rich soil.

This anaerobic process is the key to reducing waste quickly.

Up to 3X Faster than normal composting

- No Assembly required

- Self Contained Digesting

- No Turning or Stirring

- Does not require water

   or chemicals

- 70 Gallon Capacity

- 29" Dia. x 39" Tall


1. Select sunny location with good drainage and access to your composter / Digester year round.

2. Set Composter / Digester on location and mark the base of the composter using a shovel or edger.  Remove the composter.

3. Mark a second outline 3" inside the first mark and use this outline to dig a compost pit as shown.  The deeper the pit the greater the capacity for waste / Compost.

4. Re position the composter / Digester and backfill with dirt to cover 3" over the flange.  Discard excess dirt in garden or spread on lawn.

5. Each fall, remove the composter / Digester and begin the process again.

(a) When you remove the composter skim off undigested waste, shovel out compost in pit.  Allow to dry and use in garden.

(b) Re position the composter over the pit and replace dirt over the flange.



The Ultimate Dirt Machine can dispose (digest) of more than 10 Lbs. of food waste a week as well as some grass clippings and shredded paper. 85% of the kitchen waste and grass clippings is moisture which will dissipate into the soil. Microbail action from the soil combine with the heat from the sun to accelerate decomposition inside the composter. Keeping the lid on the composter will ensure the contents do not become dry. Generally decomposition stops when contents of a composter become dry. The moisture from the earth will maintain optimum conditions for digester to decompose.



COLD WEATHER - composting / digesting slows down during extended rainy or cold periods. Adding a little ammonia will accelerate the decomposition.

FULL COMPOSTER - it may help to poke the material in the composter with a shovel or poker. If constantly full another Ultimate Dirt Machine may be required.

KITCHEN COLLECTOR - you can purchase a kitchen collector with charcoal filter to reduce odors and reduce the number of trips to the composter / Digester.  Most hardware stores have a selection of kitchen caddy's.

SHRED YOUR PAPER - a paper shredder will reduce he size of the paper your discard into the composter. The addition of shredded paper adds carbon to the soil.



KITCHEN: All cooking foods, fibers, vegetable and fruit matter, egg & nut shells, tea & coffee grounds and filters, fish, meat, poultry, small bones, tissues, paper towels, non glossy paper, floor sweepings and wood ashes.


YARD: Grass clippings, weeds, garden trimmings. No stirring or layering required.


MAY NEED MORE TIME BUT FEED ME: Small twigs, leaves, small amounts of ripped cardboard.


DO NOT FEED ME: Glossy paper, wood, plastic, metal, oil, glass, straw, paint, bleach or chemicals


Guide to Better Composting

Residential composting generates rich soil amendment which you can use for landscaping, - AND- you will make a valuable contribution to reducing overall landfill costs.


is one of the most effective composter/digester system. The system accelerates decomposition by elevating temperature, maintaining optimum conditions and encouraging microbes to grow and break down waste material.


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